Cover Story

I.C.O. is our oldest domain.

We had websites and webpages on free servers for five years and then bought the lease on in the mid 90’s.

ICO was a company named ICO internet property development. Before that is was a free email service for homeless people online, that is homeless people who have no website. Before that it was a free webpage service for charities that didn’t have a page yet.

Dot COM was acquired in the 90’s an lost because of awful behavior of poor opportunist from Vancouver, under educated and unsophisticated would be an understatement.

One of the website founders was Susan Ladavac who paid for the first year of the dot com name back when it was $100 a year from the monopoly network solutions. Susan disappeared with a mystery and a morbid phone call message left at our office saying we had killed her or caused here to die.We never heard from the crazy family and friends again.


Susan was surrounded by bad actors simple minds and toxic people. If she lost it, life or just her mind and health, we have no realistic confirmation and all our search was in vain. There was no obituary, either no one cared but that is not uncommon with religious fanatics and old cult followers.

In honor of Susan anyone who believes in God in any form is not welcome to join as a customer or a contract worker. People with mental illness because they became addicted to medication and our doctors fail to use adequate time in talk therapies are not welcome to work in this hybrid environment.

MAVRO is me and I work behind the scene as the so-called resident cosmologist. I have to authorize all your pay or if you ever hope to get a contract with us these matters all go through me no matter which of my agents you are with now.

We are NOT open to the puplic. YOU Must be an independent business of one or more regardless of whether to pay yourself all the conttract allows for or not as a portion of business expenses.


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